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Bremen Acord, MSW, LCSW



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My Story

Hey, I’m Bremen.(he/him/his) I have profound respect for your individual identities, your diverse mind and body, and your right to self-determination. You’ll find my strengths as a therapist are in facilitating an exploration of self where you will be put in the driver’s seat of your own therapeutic journey. Sounds scary… It’s a little scary, it’s a little uncomfortable, it’s a lot of work, AND it’s going to be worth it. I invite you to buy into the process and share my confidence in your ability to grow and flourish in this dark, horrifying, yet beautifully poetic world.

I began in the mental health field 6 years ago, I have degrees from Utah State University and the University of Utah. I have gained the bulk of my experience as a crisis worker, and as an individual/group counselor for adolescents and young adults in residential treatment, hospital, and education settings. I’ve worked more specifically with depression, anxiety, LGBTQ+ issues, racial healing, autism, addictions, strengthening relationships, trauma, spiritual exploration, and suicidal ideation. My passion for social work stems from a place of empathetic curiosity for human diversity. I seek genuine understanding into individual’s unique position in life and seemingly endless factors contributing to their current state of wellbeing.

I have a very non-traditional approach to mental health meaning that whatever mental dysfunction/suffering you’re experiencing will not be pathologized, but rather seen as authentic human experiences that can be explained beyond a simple diagnosis. I aim to have honest human connection between us where you can feel safe to drop the façade and really talk about the things that are important to you, what you’re good at, and what gets in the way.

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