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Meg Griffes, BS, FLE



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Meet Meg

Meg Griffes, Relationship Educator (she/her/hers) - My biggest passions are people, healthy love, and connection. I have been in the world of Family Life Education as a private practitioner, relationship educator, and guest speaker over the past six years. My goal and purpose is to educate and empower you to cultivate deep wellness in your relationships with others, and within yourself. I work with individuals and partnerships, specializing in romantic relationships and faith transition (or both), guiding you with data-driven knowledge in whatever stage you find yourself in--single, dating, committed, married, nuanced, progressive, transitioning, mixed-faith, post-religious, etc. 


Whether you’re seeking to brush up on communication and conflict management skills, preparing for or repairing from a new or old relationship, striving to maintain long-standing connection(s), or looking for support while experiencing a loss of or transition from orthodox faith, I understand that’s a lot to undertake alone. I believe we heal and learn best surrounded by others with compassion, intelligence, and empathy and I would love to be connected with you as you set out to better yourself. 


My philosophy of care is that you are the authority of your life, and my expertise can aid in giving you extra tools and mindsets to accomplish the quality of connection you’re aiming for with your loved ones and yourself. I value and focus on preventative care when it comes to the health of our relationships--think ‘fence on the cliff’ rather than ‘ambulance in the valley.’ The idea behind relationship education is to build the needed skills and mentalities in order to approach, nurture, and maintain healthy relationships before serious problems arise. I orient my clients toward the future, so if we work together, we'll focus on constructing, mending, and reinforcing your ‘fence.’


According to the data, there is nothing more predictive of your overall satisfaction, and even how long you live, than the health of your relationships. While no one is perfect at relationships (perfection is a myth), nor is there a way to guarantee health and satisfaction, there are best practices you can proactively learn and intentionally implement to give yourself the best chances for lasting and meaningful interpersonal connections. With my authenticity, enthusiasm, and connectivity paired with my engaging activities and hands-on approach, I’m confident in teaching and guiding you to build, grow, and preserve quality connections that can bring more fulfillment into your life.


Trauma informed, queer-affirming, and faith-spectrum-friendly

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