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Gabby Acord, MSW, LCSW


National Social Workers Association

Mormon Mental Health Association

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My Story

I am Gabby Erekson Acord,(she/her/hers) Licensed Clinical Therapist, LCSW in Salt Lake and Davis County Utah. I am a researcher, writer, speaker and psychotherapist with a private practice in Bountiful Utah. I hold counseling degrees from Brigham Young University and University of Central Florida and have over 25 years of experience working in the field of Mental Health, including almost 15 years in private practice. My unique background, training and knowledge combine with warmth, humor and optimism to create a satisfying results-oriented therapeutic relationship.

I have a specialty in couple and family relationships, specifically overcoming the trauma and pain of past relationships, including relationships with your SELF, faith, spirituality and betrayal.

Pain and trauma can make us fearful and fear can lead us to act out dysfunctional patterns with people we love. We lose trust, become controlling, small-minded and cynical. We fall into habits of managing and feeling responsible for others emotions and behavior. Then we expect others to feel responsible for us and we create what we fear most. We make bad decisions, push people away, repeat the same mistakes over and over and lose track of our inner voice.

We all go through it (fearful living) to some extent, but sometimes it becomes disabling and gets in the way of good things; courage, love and joy. (click here for more on this)

There comes a time when we all need a mechanic, a builder or medical doctor to add expertise and experience. A good counselor can help you identify patterns and together find ways to heal hurt, recover and course-correct until you are ready to set out on your merry, enlightened way.

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