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Anxiety / Depression Counseling

Anxiety and depressive disorders have a significant and negative impact on quality of life.

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Service Description

Approximately 25 percent of U.S. adults struggle with depression, anxiety, or some combination of both. Estimates for adolescents ages 12-18 are even higher. Causes are often driven by underlying processes. People often try to cope with those negative reactions by avoiding situations or experiences that make them anxious. Unfortunately, avoidance can backfire and actually feed the anxiety. Our therapists are expertly trained in working with anxiety disorders. We work with patients to help them identify healthier, more effective ways to cope. A form of psychotherapy known as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is highly effective at treating anxiety disorders. We help clients understand how their thoughts contribute to their anxiety symptoms. By learning to change those thought patterns, they can reduce the likelihood and intensity of anxiety symptoms.

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